Ambiance : Animated

Mains : 17$ - 25$

Desserts : 12$
Wine : 45$+


Ket’Chose is a restaurant in Limoilou offering customers fresh and creative cuisine. The « Restaurateurs Pirates » have struck again, successfully adding to their ownership of many Quebec eateries.

Ket’Chose is the latest entry from the outstanding trio of Olivier Lescelleur St-Cyr, Benoit Fortin Lyonnais and Francois Jobin (L’Affaire est ketchup, Kraken Cru, Patente et Machin, L’Albacore). After buying ‘Chez Fratelli sandwich shop’ on 3rd Ave, the trio launched ‘Le Déli de fuite’ with the goal to venture beyond QC’s Basse Ville/Lowertown. Le Déli was short-lived, lasting less than a year, and has made way for a completely rethought formula that the owners have called Ket’Chose. Yes, it is an obvious nod to ‘L’Affaire est ketchup’ but don’t be mistaken because this is more than just being a younger sibling.

This new Ket’Chose concept works because it incorporates the importance of keeping things simple and it does this well. The small space is designed to be welcoming and pleasant, where anyone can spend the evening eating and drinking well, without going overboard and moreover, be pleasantly surprised! Ket’Chose serves plates that are designed to be shared but if you don’t watch out, you’ll find yourself fighting for your fair share, thanks to the talents of Baptiste Creveuil.

Originally from France, Baptiste Creveuil is the chef at Ket’Chose, and he has already honed his skills in some of Quebec’s good restaurants (La Cabane à Sucre du Pied de Cochon, L’Affaire est ketchup). Baptiste can now embrace his own kitchen, and this has naturally aroused everyone’s curiosity – what will he create, will it be good, will we like it? Well, after the first evening, it was unanimous — Baptiste’s cuisine stays true to his origins, skillfully and originally blending both French and Quebec traditions, something his predecessors would be proud of. The menu, which is updated every six weeks, speaks to the freshness and the quality of the ingredients, with everything in some way, receiving it’s own recognition in the dishes. The real favorite, not just by us but also with many customers, are the boneless cuisses de grenouilles/frog’s legs, paired with soft scallops and served on a sweet purée of green peas! This was a real delight!

The beverages include a wine list from Sébastien Forest which is short, but does the job by being both well thought through, and thankfully affordable. There are some classic cocktails as well, that are true to their origins, plus a few beers from local microbreweries. These choices reflect the understanding of how the beverages are meant to compliment the menu, which they do wonderfully well, another reason to visit Ket’Chose.

Like all the restaurants in the Restaurant Pirate group, the decor does not try to detract from the star of the show at Ket’Chose, and that is the food. Like at the other eateries, Ket’Chose invites its customers to bring their own gems to add to the already eclectic range of treasures on the walls. You definitely need to watch Baptiste working in the open kitchen as he prepares the food because this is done on an electric range with burners. In the dining room, 32 people can be seated, including 7 lucky ones at the bar, or try out the newly renovated terrace with another dozen or so people. It is best to arrive with some patience because right now, there is one lonely waiter soldiering on his own to serve all the customers.

Thanks to Baptiste, the chef and his outstanding talents, Ket’chose manages to create its own world: original, fascinating and making good times possible. Tastet wishes all the best to Ket’Chose!

© Photos Ket’Chose

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